The Wardens are a superhero organization based in New York Central, that was formed out of the remnants of the Protectorate following Gold Morning.

Modus operandiEdit

Some considered them a successor to the PRT.[1][2][3][4] Although a large and powerful group, they were not a government-sponsored national team in the same way the Protectorate was.[5] They did not have civilian oversight, and were arguably less transparent than the PRT.[2]

They would certify certain cape groups and lend support.[6] They provide coordination between the teams, and likely organized the lottery to determine which hero teams would deal with which district.[7]

Compared to PRT, the Wardens seem to provide their affiliated capes with a degree of autonomy, staking on their own experience and competency, but dipping into semi-autonomous subgroups when situation demands.[8] It was compared to the PRT accreditation of other teams.[9]

Direct Wardens members usually prioritize threats from the higher-end of the spectrum, such as Ogun, Sleeper and Machine Army, leaving mid- and low-level threat to affiliated teams.[10]


The Wardens included a number of teams under their banner, including some that were not originally a part of the Protectorate.[4] These sub-teams were sometimes known as "cells", and had their own individual leaders.[11]

The Wardens continue to employ group of Guild-supported exPRT-veterans – Dragon's Teeth,[12] as well as some high ranking exPRT officers.[13]

Direct MembersEdit

Name: Position:
Chevalier Leader
Legend Second-in-command
Valkyrie Key member
Narwhal Key member
Cinereal Key member
Stonewall Key member
Topflight Key member
Miss Militia Key member
Weld Team leader
Brandish Lawyer
Vista Junior Wardens

Affiliated TeamsEdit

Main TeamsEdit

Lesser TeamsEdit



Eden envisioned a possible future where the Wardens were the enemies of the Shepherds, who they believed had created powerful "superweapons". In reality, Eden herself was influencing them both to prevent peace. However, this future never came to pass and Eden was slain.[14]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

The Wardens were established and became one of the many groups that was trying to fill the gap that the Protectorate left with its collapse.

Several ex-villains eventually joined.[15]

They located their heavily fortified headquarters in New York Central area of The City near the largest cluster of inter-dimensional portals.[16]


Over two years after Gold Morning the Wardens had become an umbrella organization with numerous other hero teams working under their certification and supervision.

When Weld returned, he was given a position as the leader of a Wardens team.[17]

Early WardEdit

Two years after Gold Morning the Wardens were an umbrella organization that dealt with numerous distinct cape teams The Wardens were spread thin. Numerous comparisons to the PRT were drawn and the damage from Gold Morning was felt dearly.[6]

The legal wing of the Wardens participates heavily in forming the new government and law structure.[16]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

The Wardens Headquarters got demolished by portals. Personnel loss is unspecified.


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