Thirteenth Hour was the hero "Standstill" before she defected and joined the Adepts.


Thirteenth Hour wears skinny jeans that 'you pulled up inch by excruciating inch' with a chain that goes from her belt loop to her pocket, a black bra, and 'too much' eye shadow.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Thirteenth Hour's power causes her opponents (and herself) to pass out and fall into a trance. This trance can be broken if something jarring happens to those caught within it though it also carries the risk of waking Thirteenth up as well.


Thirteenth Hour was amongst the 'bystanders' that Clockblocker was securing. After pulling on her pants, she ran her hand along the chain that led from her belt loop to her pocket. Weaver saw there were charms on it before leaping back as Clockblocker lunged at her. Clockblocker fired the fingertips of his gloves at her which then looped around her limbs before he froze them. Jouster told them her former alias and rushed at her, only for her to correct him before using her power.

She then went limp in the midst of Clockblocker's wires. Felix Swoop lifted her chin, kissed her, and caught her after Clockblocker's power wore off. She was then wrapped up by Weaver before Weaver broke her influence on Tecton. She woke up when Tecton shook the house only to then use her power again.[1]