• About me: Fell on top of Worm after stubbing my toes on far to many recommendations to count. have enough free time to contribute to worm and help my writing skills for my job.

    I have been an editor for:*checks for the first time* 2016-05-27 almost three months now... time flies when your having fun.

    I've already helped build the community by: Creating several needed pages; all the chapter pages, several character pages, Dividing up important character pages to maintain segregation of important character information vs. reducing the chance for spoilers. Added pictures and assisted in attribution of pictures to the author as per new policy. Working on incorporating more material from drafts into the wiki.

    I want to become an administrator in order to:

    • Create a fun resource for future proponents of fine fiction just getting into the Worm canon and 'fanfic' authors and Weaver Dice players to reference when they fill in their own corners of the Wormverse in the years ahead.
    • Forge official Wikia policy about how information is presented in Worm Wiki.(Page names, page structure, citations)
    • Work with other administrators to reach out to the wider 'cape wife' community of Worm to recruit more editors to replace me when I head off to edit the wiki's of Wildbow's other web serials. With Worm II coming up I estimate this to be roughly 2 to 3 years.
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    • Granted.

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