The Three Strikes Protection Act (TSPA),[1][2] more commonly known as the three strike rule[3][4][5] or three strikes act,[2][6] was a United States law regarding parahumans.

Effects Edit

The law meant that parahumans who had been convicted of enough prior crimes would be sentenced to the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center, rather than a regular jail from which they could easily escape.[4] It normally protected parahumans who had no prior convictions from being sent there.[2]

Parahumans who had committed particularly serious crimes (such as murder with intent) could be sentenced to the Birdcage outside the bounds of the TSPA,[6][2] potentially even minors.[1]

History Edit

Background Edit

Gavel was sentenced to the Birdcage in the days before the three strike rule.[5]

Marquis committed so many crimes that "the three strikes rule had been left well behind him" by the time he was captured.[3]

Fleece was sentenced to the Birdcage based on the TSPA, while her partner Ramrod was sentenced to the Birdcage based on the magnitude of his crimes. However, they were broken out by Madcap before they could reach the Birdcage.[6] This prompted Battery to gain her powers.

Story Start Edit

Canary would normally have been protected by the Act, but the judge felt her crimes were severe enough to merit sending her directly to the Birdcage.[2]

Post-Echidna Edit

Skitter was nearly sentenced to the Birdcage when she surrendered because of the sheer number of crimes she had committed.[1][3]

Following Behemoth's death, Weaver warned Mockshow that the three strikes rule and the code were beginning to break down as the end of the world approached.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • TSPA seems to be an extension or analog of the already existing Three-strikes law of 1994.


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