Battle against Khonsu


The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand



January 23, 2012[1] - June 19, 2013[2]



Several years pass.



The Timeskip was a period of two years skipped over between Scarab 25.5 and Scarab 25.6

Prelude Edit

During the Battle against Khonsu, the major powers meet with Cauldron to discuss a method of defeating him. Cauldron reveal that they know how the world ends.

Events Edit

PRT: Department Sixty-Four is set during this period.

Imp killed Heartbreaker during this time, and formed the Heartbroken from the remaining cult members.

Taylor drifted apart from the Undersiders and developed a mentor-like relationship with Golem.

Eidolon was cut off from his booster shots by Cauldron, further accelerating the decline of his powers.[3]

There were several Endbringer attacks which saw the monsters adopt more hit-and-run tactics. The Twins first attacked during this time.[2]

Aftermath Edit

The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.

Trivia Edit

  • The Timeskip is widely cited as one of the worst elements of Worm.
    • It is likely going to be rewritten with interlude arcs to chronicle the change in time.[4]


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