Tohu is one of the Twins, an Endbringer.


Tohu takes the appearance of a three-faced young woman with four arms, made entirely out of what appears to be hair. Her faces adopt the form and appearance of the three parahumans she copies, and the rest of her form gains highlights that mimic the colors of the parahumans. She is the smallest Endbringer by height and size.

Abilities and PowersEdit

In addition to the standard Endbringer invulnerability, Tohu takes the powers and visages of up to three capes, who don't have to be present on the battlefield or even alive. She also doesn't seem to display the limitations of the original capes.

Tohu can mimic any three capes at a time and then have access to all of their abilities. This includes using Legend's lasers and flight, Eidolon's force fields, or the aerokinesis of Kazikli Bey, which were the three parahumans she chose during her attack on Bucharest in 2012. She can also adopt the powers of dead parahumans, parahumans who are not immediately present, and possibly parahuman shades, as evidenced to by her choosing Phir Sē and Lung during her attack on Los Angeles and her decision to adopt Eidolon's powers during the Gold Morning. Presumably, Tohu is not using the full extent of the powers under her possession, similarly to the other Endbringers.

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