Daniel Torres, known publicly as Topsy, is a member of the Folk who operates in Chicago.


Topsy wears a mask with an upside-down face.[2]


Topsy is an enforcer, specializing in mediating between enemy gangs aiming to meet with each other. He deals with situations promptly and efficiently; Weaver describes him as less happy than his jocular name would suggest.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Topsy has the power to alter the direction but not magnitude of gravitational pull on or by himself, other people, and objects within his range. He applies his powers most offensively by hurling people or objects up and then reversing his power to let them fall.[3]



Topsy worked at his job as a guarantor for the Folk on the edges of Chicago for more than a decade, becoming very wealthy in the process.[3]


When Chicago Protectorate members Campanile and Shuffle interfered with one of his deals, Topsy sent mercenaries to retaliate, breaking rules and becoming a wanted villain.[3] Chicago Wards Weaver, Annex, Cuff, Tecton, and Grace subsequently executed a counterattack against Topsy's team by cutting off their communications and forcing them out of their headquarters, eventually leading to the PRT capturing Topsy, Watch, and Mockshow.[3]

References Edit

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