The Towers were an area of Downtown.

Geography Edit

The Towers were located at the heart of downtown.[1] The nicest part of downtown was located south-west of there.[2][3]

The Towers district was home to a number of recognizable hills.[4]

Residents Edit

At the story start they are home to Theo, Dean, and Rune.[5]

Trickster drove out looters there following the Battle against Leviathan, indicating that it was his territory.[1]

The Parahumans Online user White Fairy lived there, and would meet Brockton residents to confirm them for "At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay" badges.[6]


Story StartEdit

The area was claimed by Trickster as part of Coil's Organization.[1]


The area was relatively unscathed by waves,[2] although there were still looters.[1]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

It wasn't considered a "danger zone". At some point, however, there was a massacre at the Towers that claimed the lives of a number of Merchants.[6]


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