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Trainwreck was a member of the Archer's Bridge Merchants.


Is coarse but can be polite to those he respects. Barked at Taylor though they were allies at the time, audacity of asking for his help in the middle of a battle and a chance that it could blow his cover in the Merchants. Would likely have gotten along with Rachel.[4]


Trainwreck has a round face, small eyes, unwashed greasy hair[5] tied into a ponytail, and acne-scarred cheeks.[6] As Trainwreck, he wears steam-powered armor while his upper face is covered by a metal mask and goggles. Would later receive a gunshot wound. He lacked proper limbs but could shape and mold his body into pseudo pods and similar when he was not using a suit.[2] This combined with possible embarrassment over his appearance leads to hygiene issues.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Trainwreck is a case 53 tinker who needed to build himself a body, lacking proper limbs of his own.[8] He was able to slowly shape and shift his bloblike body into working, if slow moving, pseudo-pods and could generate energy he could use to power his tinker devices.[2] It is unknown if works powered by him were specially resistant to electro-magnetic pulses or slimier anti-tinker countermeasures.

He is best described as a "crude" specialty tinker,[4] who can work with scrap and develop something that works surprisingly well from what should be inferior components.[9] His gear is fairly limited, he is almost incapable of making anything 'fancy', but he can build it fast, build it durable, and he can build it from parts as common as a rusted old car.[3]

In practice Trainwreck largely stuck to using a single set of 'Crude' power armor that he maintained, though he could create other gear and weapons.[2] This suit gave him enough strength and durability to defeat Armsmaster when he caught the protectorate hero by surprise.[6] When he operated as a cape he drove the suit without needing to use proper limbs. His suits limbs do not actually enclose any part of him allowing people like Faultline to sever them with a touch.


Background Edit

Trainwreck is a Case 53 - an amnesiac with physical alterations as well as powers, who woke up in a strange city with no memories. Inn this warped Tinker's case he would settle in Brockton Bay’s Trainyards, where he eked out a living as a homeless supervillain,[5] trying to build a non-existent reputation.[6]

Story Start Edit

After the Undersiders led Armsmaster and Dauntless into a garage, Trickster teleported Armsmaster to Trainwreck. Trainwreck grabbed Armsmaster and slammed him against the hood of a car. Armsmaster managed to fight his way free where he fought against Trainwreck and Genesis until Trickster swapped out his Halberd for a car bumper. Trainwreck grabbed Armsmaster and started beating him against the car.[6]

Trainwreck then dumped a bloody and beaten Armsmaster next to Dauntless. He then examined his fellow tinker's Halberd before crushing it and dumping the remains over the fallen heroes.[6]


Taylor and Lisa were on a mission of mercy that took them to the Merchants festival of blood, where Trainwreck was part of the festivities.[10] When Faultline's Crew staged an ambush to steal valuables from the merchants Trainwreck was held at bay by a new addition to the Crew.[11] Taylor enlisted Tranwreck's help in cracking through barrier's created by Labyrinth of the attacking Crew. He did this quickly after some gripping and returned to fighting members of Fautline's Crew.[7]

Later attended the Truce meeting at Crater lake, where the local capes decided what to do about The Nine.[12]

He was killed alongside the other Merchants by the Slaughterhouse Nine,[13] dying at Shatterbird's hands.[14] This wound up complicating Coil's later plans.[15]

Trivia Edit

  • Had he lived, Trainwreck would likely have been put with the Undersiders once his role in the Merchants became unnecessary.[4]

References Edit

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