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Francis Krouse was the leader of the Travelers.

Trickster 1


Even his own teammates hated him, he allegedly does this intentionally to unite his team. If it unites them in hate of him so be it.[1]

He was a smoker.[2][3]


Francis has light brown skin, long hair, and a hook nose. He also has an "intense stare" that gave Skitter "the impression of a hawk or some other bird of prey."[4] As Trickster, he wears a black costume with a full red mask and a top hat.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Francis' power is to switch at will the places of two objects of similar mass, including himself.

Trickster’s powers are sight dependent, requiring him to have both of his targets in view at once.[2] His speed/ease of being able to swap is dependent on distance (although not as much as one might suspect) and difference in mass – too much of one or the other and it’s not doable in any reasonable amount of time[5]. He needs to even out any differences in mass by sucking in surrounding air, which takes time.[6]



Krouse was a competitive gamer from Earth Aleph. After being transferred to Madison Wisconsin on Earth Bet. There he would gain his power from a Cauldron vial, like all the Travelers.[6]

Story StartEdit

He and his team began working for Coil in exchange for a promise to help Noelle.

He attended a meeting of the super villains in Brockton Bay to discuss how to deal with the ABB.


He would begin gaining territory under Coil's direction.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

When Coil died, he joined Echidna, them against the world.


He wound up in the Birdcage.

There he told the residents of the impending end of the world. [7]

Golden MorningEdit

Krouse was seen as one of Teacher's students.[8]

He was killed by Scion while controlled by Khepri, erased alongside a number of capes including Othala and Ash Beast.[9]

References Edit

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