Kathlee Rosenthal, known publicly as Monokeros, was the former fourth Unicorn. She lost the name after she was revealed as a serial killer.[1][2]


Monokeros is a conventionally attractive blonde, slender, with curled hair. She prefers to wear "high fashion". She is 24 years old as of 2011, five feet nine inches tall, and weighs approximately 105 lbs.[1]


Monokeros was a serial killer, and is believed to have been both a psychopath and under delusions of some unknown nature. She showed no remorse, even when confronted. She believed she was claiming something abstract from those she tortured and killed, including having the last of their true beauty or success for herself, guaranteeing nobody else could ‘take it back from her’.[1]


Monokeros can apply her power to a nearby individual she is aware of, with a brief period between each selection.

While under the effect of her power, the individual is attacked with an overwhelming (but not irresistable) wave of emotion, typically admiration for Monokeros. Monokeros also becomes immune to anything and everything that individual does, has clairvoyance through their eyes, and can psychometrically observe their history/memories, though this last ability is inaccurate.[1]


Unicorn IV received permission to use the name from Unicorn III.[1][2]

She was a successful member of sponsored hero team Goldenrod, receiving multiple sponsorships. She was #23 in the American cape popularity rankings, #6 in an early 2010 Parahumans Online vote for non-PRT capes, leading to her suggestion that she might start her own sponsored team of capes.

In late 2011, Unicorn IV was investigated in relation to a string of disappearances. The investigation prompted others to speak out, raising issues and questions about her behavior, including apparent threats directed at Unicorn III (and Rosenthal’s summary loss of the Unicorn name). Within days of renaming herself Monokeros, she was accused of involvement in the kidnapping, torture and murder of nine celebrities aged 8-15 as well as an unknown number of heroines seeking to join her new team, which never existed as more than theory or bait. She killed three capes who attempted her capture, but was successfully caught.

Following her arrest, it was discovered that she had been keeping video diaries on her phone, describing her belief that she was "claiming" the beauty or success of her victims. She showed no remorse during her trial, and was sentenced to the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center.[1]

Gold MorningEdit

Was not distinguished in the initial prisoner release as such she was likely released later when the goddess collected the damned for her war.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Her crimes were such that she was one of the few that were not forgiven with the general amnesty.[citation needed]

She was confined in a parahuman prison camp.[3] She targeted Lookout during her visit.[4]


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