The United States of America, also known as the United States, is the country in which much of Worm takes place.

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America was the most powerful country in the world.[1][2] They were home to the Protectorate, who were responsible for 25-50% of the defending side against Endbringers in fights outside of North America.[3]

The United States had strong traditions of capitalism[1] and democracy.[4]

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History Edit


Brockton Bay was founded as a big trading post and port back when America was being colonized.[6]

Vikare, the first superhero, operated in Michigan, and set the tone for a brief-lived Golden Age of Parahumans.[7]

During the Cold War, Scion destroyed a nuclear test missile and the facility that launched it. This wasn't widely known, but it led the US to de-emphasize nuclear weapons under the (correct) belief that he would stop any nuclear conflict, effectively ending the Cold War.[8] Although the details weren't publcized, it was generally known that the threat of Scion was what led nuclear powers to stand down.[9]

The Protectorate and PRT were founded as US organizations under President James Griffin,[10][1] although they later expanded to Canada.[citation needed]Dragon was forbidden from using viruses to infect the computers of Americans that didn’t have a warrant out for their arrests. She later found a way around this, making use of computers she allowed an Indonesian cartel to infect.[11]

The United States briefly adopted a policy of tattooing Simurgh victims with a white bird on one hand or on one arm so others would know to take care. The policy lasted for four years, covering two of her visits to the US. It caused prejudice and violence against those affected, and many others got similar tattoos in protest.[12]

Teacher killed the Vice President of America before fleeing to the United Kingdom.[13]

When a portal to Earth Aleph was created in the US by Professor Haywire, treaties were made to prevent them finding a way to invade the alternate Earth with the help of parahumans and acquiring their resources, becoming the world's greatest superpower. All attempts to transmit people or objects between the worlds were banned.[2]

Story StartEdit

Bakuda created a bomb that would have wiped out electronics across a full fifth of America, but she was defeated before it could detonate.[14]

Post-Battle against LeviathanEdit

People across the United States watched the aftermath of Leviathan's Attack on Brockton Bay, wondering if it would become another area that simply couldn't recover.[15] The United States Sente debated condemning the city.[16]

The Undersiders took over Brockton Bay, an event which made them famous across America.[17][18][19] The PRT later argued that this constituted effectively declaring war on the government of the US.[20]


Faultline’s Crew agreed to create portals to alternate Earths across America at a discount to help prepare for the End of the World.[21]

The TimeskipEdit

America and the CUI had a brief conflict in 2012 after the Protectorate accidentally killed the incognito CUI heir during a Simurgh attack.[22]

Teams from across America came to fight the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[23]

Golden MorningEdit

The CUI attacked American settlements in other worlds, not having created any of their own.[24]

Trivia Edit

  • The America of Earth Bet has dollar coins instead of notes.[2] It has a different president to that of Earth Aleph.[25]
  • Parahumans Online has a sub-board dedicated to discussing events taking place in America.[3]


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