Don Fraser, Financial Director for Esterella Corperation, and member of The Elite.[1]

Appearance Edit

He is exceedingly large but not fat, he has a huge presence in a room.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Can copy the general nature of powers with an any form of 'output',[2] and his ability to create create powerful hypergravity effects emulates that same output.[3] This allowed him to easily pulverize targets, if he was up against a blaster who shoot lightning balls Upper hand could throw spheres that applied his hypergravity effect at the blaster and would likely win.



Trigger event likely involving other parahumans. Possibly a group trigger.

Worked as a hitman for the Elite before being recruited into Esterella.[4]


Was part of the Elite cell that was making a bid for control of the criminal underworld of Anchorage.