Ursa Aurora is a member of the New York Protectorate.


Ursa Aurora wears a glossy black bear mask that reveals her forehead.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ursa Aurora creates animated forcefields in the rough shape of bears[2] that look like ghostly images.[3][4]

She can create up to three if not more.[5]


After the Slaughterhouse Nine appeared in Brockton Bay, the PRT ENE was loaned Legend, Prism, Ursa Aurora and Cache.

Director Piggot called them to a meeting with the local Protectorate and Wards where she told them that they had three priorities: to take down the Nine, to regain control of the city and to not die. She told them that they were working with a deadline that the Undersiders and Travelers had moved up dramatically before telling them about a possible worse case scenario in which the Nine unleashed a bio-weapon.

When Legend asked how they would deal with Crawler, Director Piggot told him that he, Ursa Aurora, Prism, Weld, Assault and Battery would occupy him until the PRT could contain him.[6]

Ursa Aurora later arrived at the scene of an ongoing battle between the Nine, Undersiders and Travelers with the other heroes. When the Siberian charged them, she leapt to one side. Legend then handed her Cache before he gave chase.[7]

Later, Ursa Aurora gathered near Cache in preparation for an imminent bombing run. She was one of the four that stayed behind, alongside Clockblocker, Cache and Weld.[8]

Ursa Aurora and Assault would later lead the way against Crawler with Miss Militia, Prism, Battery and Triumph following to flank him. She used her power to create rough bear-shaped forcefields, two at a time.[2]


  1. Ursa Aurora turned the corner and spotted them. Triumph could see the frown lines above the glossy black bear mask she wore, her obvious relief and the quickening of her pace on spotting him. His heart sank. Something’s happened. Or it’s happening.


    “What’s wrong?” he asked.

    “There’s an issue. Division in the ranks. Looking ugly.”

    “The enemy?”

    She shook her head. “Our guys. And it’s about you.” - Excerpt from Interlude 15
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