To work on the articles my rule of thumb is to use the name that that character knows the other character by. there fore with scion every page that mentions him uses scion, anyone who fought it during golden morning knows it as Zion, and its partner knows it as the warrior.

Take Rachel Lindt for example, in undersiders (when they are in the field) and some other villans she is known as 'Bitch'. But as a rule of thumb the general public and the Heroes will only mention her as Hellhound when they a have the misfortune to encounter her. And to all the undersiders when off duty and her dogs she can called Rachel. This is even if the difference between her cape and civilian identities are largely negligible.

Another example that can be applied to many others is Taylor Hebert. the rule we will be going for is that she is not going to be called 'Skitter' until at or after the Battle at the Bank, then when she is at the press conference with Chevalier Skitter becomes Weaver. And after Zion is revealed for what (he?) is Weaver becomes just Taylor, or Tailor if spell check hates you. And finally when everyone finally starts working together she is revealed as Khepri.

--FossilLord 22:10, July 21, 2016 (UTC) --FossilLord 04:47, July 23, 2016 (UTC)

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