Some triage seems to be in order: the use of Wiki Wednesdays and slimier could get alot more work down in a shorter space of time, there fore presented is a how to cite guide for the wiki.

Google spreadsheet Wildbow edited parahumans list:<ref name="list">[ Wildbow's Parahuman List]</ref>

<ref name="Wildbow PRT">[ Wildbow PRT Quest Archive]</ref>

Know something awesome your favorite character did? See if you can find it in the the worm feats page here then you can link to it like so <ref name="15.2">[[Colony 15.2]]</ref> and I can touch it up later

Now how the cast pages are cited: <ref name="Cast2">[ Cast (in depth)]</ref>

<ref name="Cast1">[ Cast (spoiler free)]</ref>

Ever hear of Word of God statements? Anything that an author 'god' said about a specific work that's not explicitly addressed in the work itself. This wiki has a link to something of a respiratory on the Resources tab. I usually link to the original source but if you say that you found it on the repository <ref></ref> I will just follow the link and properly cite it later.

hmmm still needs work

Best estimate I found gives this community 9 months before Worm II roles around, this trap information source needs to be ready and waiting for the many new fans proponents the new web serial will draw in.

I will have to wrangle some help from certain talented contributors.--FossilLord (talk) 23:10, July 30, 2016 (UTC)

also links to space battles can be written like this: to save space\sanity


Actual schedule headed for the end of the year need 'core' pages of worm taken care off.

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