Ever see this ?

I will quote it so you do have to open the link

It really bugs me that the Worm wiki sucks so much. Worm has an active, mostly text-based fandom, so you'd think that the wiki would be at least somewhat decent, but you go and look at it and articles for major characters have wholes sections that are either just [Coming Soon] or missing entirely. Most minor characters only have a description of what their powers are and maybe one or two lines about their appearance.

While I would love to talk to this person and try to convince them to help out on this wiki, it gives a perspective on what the wiki was like at the beginning of this year. This is impermissible. In my experience, the quality of the wiki reflects on the quality of the Work itself. Worm is an amazing piece of literature as are other serials of Wildbow's (more work in the future) and it deserves a wiki equal qulity.--FossilLord 18:54, July 17, 2016 (UTC)

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