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    Worm Wiki - Name Change

    January 25, 2015 by Gesshoku

    I would like to start off by thanking all of you that have been contributing to the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki. Hopefully, we can continue adding information to the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki and finish before Mr. McCrae comes out with Worm 2.

    I would also like to bring up another issue. For as long as I can remember, the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki's URL and sitename haven't matched. Today, I did something about that. I have requested that the URL and sitename be changed so that they will match.

    I have suggested that the name of the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki be changed to the "Worm Wiki" or "Wormpedia". The first option is a simple shortening of the wiki's current name, making it much easier to say. The second option alludes to the fact that…

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  • Gesshoku

    I have recently been contacted by Wittywong about an issue that needs to be addressed on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki. The issue, you may ask? The issue is the inconsistency regarding the names of the articles on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki.

    At the moment, the titles for certain pages are listed as the cape name rather character's civilian name, but on others it's the civilian name rather than the cape name. Most of the time, when people are thinking about the characters from Worm, they're thinking about the characters' cape identities rather than their civilian identities.

    For example: Jack Slash of the Slaughterhouse Nine. We know that Jack Slash's real name is Jacob although we usually refer to him as "Jack Slash".

    I want to ask you a…

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  • Gesshoku

    Wiki Theme Changes:

    December 18, 2014 by Gesshoku

    I would suggest everyone read that blog and then leave their comments there and then here.

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  • Gesshoku

    This is Admin Gesshoku reporting. The adoption request I submitted on Wiki Community Central has been improved and, as such, I am now both Owner and Admin on the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki.

    You might have noticed the new look to the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki. I have wanted to customize our wiki since I began editing here - give it a unique look that separated us from other wikis. It isn't perfect yet though, with your feedback on the current and future designs, I'm sure that it will be.

    The second thing I would like to mention is that I started a Fight Summary Project. The purpose behind it is to record the battles/conflicts in Worm so that people coming to wiki don't have to search through a character's History in order to find out what hap…

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  • Gesshoku

    Hello everyone, this is Gesshoku!

    I just wanted to let you all know that I submitted a request to adopt the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki on the Adoption Requests page on Wiki Community Central. I have done so in order so that the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki can get an active admin that could hopefully change and/or improve things around here.

    I would like to ask you guys, however, if you approve of me adopting the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki or not. Feel free to state your opinions on the matter.

    -Gesshoku (talk) 03:37, November 15, 2014 (UTC)

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