I have recently been contacted by Wittywong about an issue that needs to be addressed on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki. The issue, you may ask? The issue is the inconsistency regarding the names of the articles on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki.

At the moment, the titles for certain pages are listed as the cape name rather character's civilian name, but on others it's the civilian name rather than the cape name. Most of the time, when people are thinking about the characters from Worm, they're thinking about the characters' cape identities rather than their civilian identities.

For example: Jack Slash of the Slaughterhouse Nine. We know that Jack Slash's real name is Jacob although we usually refer to him as "Jack Slash".

I want to ask you all about what you think about this issue and what you want to do about it. If you have an idea to address the issue, then we'd all like to hear about it.

Personally, I believe we should rename all cape character pages (bar Taylor and the Undersiders) to match the characters' cape names. If the character doesn't have a cape name, then I think we should use the character's civilian name.

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