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    Clairvoyant, Doormaker, and the Slug: questions I want to see answered.

    • Doormaker talks twice during the story, once to Contessa in Interlude 29 and once about the Irregulars' attack in Interlude 28. But Khepri says that Teacher has to give him the ability to talk. Is he mute or not? Was being forced to spam doors during Golden Morning put him even more out of it than usual? (Is this author error, with Clairvoyant being supposed to be the mute one?)
    • Clairvoyant can grant others visions and he can force visions on other people (Interlude 28). The visions come with the side-effect of bed rest and weakness for a week afterwards, until Teacher provides two students to help. But is this something that automatically happens if you touch him (as w…
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