• RainDance299

    Cape Name

    Power Affiliation Classification
    Acidbath Could turn into, sling blasts of, & move as tidal wave of acid
    Breaker/Changer (Blaster, Striker & Mover Sub powers)
    Aegis Redundant biology, operating at peak capacity so long as alive, possessed of flight and ability to use body with no fear of self harm.

    Alexandria Invincibility via. body in stasis, flight and vastly enhanced strength, with perfect eidetic recall and consequent mastery of many skills

    Allfather Created mid-air portals from which to launch volleys of weapons
    Animos Limited time transformation to beast form with power nullification scream

    Ash Beast Shapeshifting beast form generated through constant matter to energy and energy to matter conversion

    Auroch Aura effect man…

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