Cape Name

Power Affiliation Classification
Acidbath Could turn into, sling blasts of, & move as tidal wave of acid Breaker/Changer (Blaster, Striker & Mover Sub powers)
Aegis Redundant biology, operating at peak capacity so long as alive, possessed of flight and ability to use body with no fear of self harm.
Alexandria Invincibility via. body in stasis, flight and vastly enhanced strength, with perfect eidetic recall and consequent mastery of many skills
Allfather Created mid-air portals from which to launch volleys of weapons Blaster
Animos Limited time transformation to beast form with power nullification scream
Ash Beast Shapeshifting beast form generated through constant matter to energy and energy to matter conversion
Auroch Aura effect manipulates inertia in radius around herself, with positive bias for herself.
Bambina Launches at high speeds, ricochets with resulting explosions on impacts, for multiple impacts per launch. Enhanced balance/agility.
Barker Converts utterances to an energy that can then be converted into a variety of effects, including concussive force and flame.
Barrow Slowly replaces environment within a fair radius with an otherworldly forest. Cannot move beyond forest effect, but can extend radius by standing at perimeter.
Battery "Charges" herself up with immobility to grant enhanced speed, reflexes, strength, and electromagnetic telekinesis
Biter Distorts the size of individual body parts
Black Kaze Teleported, with momentary existence in all spaces between departure and arrival, allowing katana strikes at intervening foes Mover/Striker
Breed Creates small lifeforms that inhabit corpses, grow and become more dangerous over time/after eating
Browbeat Point blank telekinesis and personal biokinesis for personal healing and self alteration.
Cache Can store/retrieve items and individuals in pocket dimension
Califa de Perro Super strength and agility augmented with point blank aerokinesis
Campanile Giant growth with gravity altering aura.
Cask Produces chemical mixtures with a range of healing, transformative, deleterious and physical/mental altering qualities. Limited ammounts at a time
Chariot Tinker, produced devices, suits and vehicles relating to movement and teleportation
Chevalier Can combine similar items, giving resulting item select qualities of different 'parent' items
Chubster Gained durability and ambient momentum dampening effect at will, tied to consequent loss of mobility.
Circus Many weaker powers, including balance, personal pocket dimension, and pyrokinesis if flame is available
Citrine Altered reality in a small area, adjusting physics or natural laws. Could attune 'frequency' to diminish or disrupt a parahuman's powers, with perfect frequency killing them.
Clay Creates a spray of liquid forcefield that quickly hardens and can be formed into rough shapes
Cloister Haven
Cozen Pocket dimension could stow/produce items and individuals at range, could act as very slow teleportation, only operated ideally when under minimal stress/undistracted.
Crane the Harmonious Keen understanding of movement & fighting styles, could learn & teach the 'perfect style' for a given individual. Floating orb redirected movement in vicinity.
Crawler Powerful regeneration and gains personal adaptations in response to any damage taken.
Cricket Vastly increased reflexes, personal sonar that could be keyed to disrupt others' senses
Crusader Can create shades of himself to fight, lift himself. Favorably manton limited as shades ignore inorganic matter, penetrating armor and passing through walls.
Cuff Enhanced strength, durability, and metallokinesis, augmenting agility by manipulating own armor.
Damsel of Distress High recoil 'shotgun' bursts of warped space, disintegration and gravity shearing destroy virtually anything, fling her back. Can be used as mover power
Deva Yaga Could alter other parahuman abilities, granting or removing power, range, effectiveness, duration, with minor costs on other fronts.
Dovetail Flight, drops a 'rain' of forcefield pellets that accumulate and hamper those caught in her wake.
Dredge Object reader, gathering memories from touched objects.
Edict Gave commands that caused random and temporary issues in individuals who disobeyed. Included mental illnesses, crippling emotional swings, or partial paralysis. Unreliable in severity
Exalt Powerful aerokinetic, powers worked optimally only once in a given, lengthy duration (sometimes hours, sometimes days), with limited aeroskinesis otherwise.
Flashbang Creates orbs of energy that explode concussively, blind.
Galvanate Capable of granting invincibility and enhanced strength with a touch
Gavel Power reduces incoming damage to a set ammount. Imbues melee weapons with vast impact, but power protects target, resulting in target being thrown great distances.
Genesis Enters catatonioc state to create and then control a body, initial components decided by her, remainder by passenger
Genoscythe Changer, created scythe blades out of hands
Geomancer Created streams of rubble, was stronger if rubble already existant
Glory Girl Emotion affecting aura focused on awe/intimidation, flight, enhanced strength, and personal forcefield that blocks one hit before taking 1-2 seconds to recharge
Grace Has increased agility, can grant extremity/body part enhanced power and invulnerability/power immunity.
Gray Boy Can trap those around him in manipulable time loops of pain at will. Undoes any damage taken/negative effects applied via. his power.
Gregor the Snail Case 53, boneless, durable, produces various slimes with differing effects
Gwerrus Super strength, reflected damage back onto attacker
Hallow Haven
Hatchet Face Enhanced strength and durability, aura nullfies powers of those nearby.
Heith Size changer protected by personal distortion field
Hookwolf Can transform into mass of blades and metal objects, form roughly customizable
Ingenue Alters and augments powers, but also alters psychology of victim, in deleterious fashion.
Iron Rain Materialized metal blades at high altitudes, minor ferrokinesis allowed some aiming of the falling spears/blades/weights.
Jacklight Creates orbs of light that redirect movement in immediate vicinity
Jamestown Radiation blaster, could focus effects to turn individuals into docile (to him) mutants, driven largely by cannibalistic hunger and fear of being irradiated further.
Kaiser Can produce metal blades, barriers or rods from any solid surface
Khun Sa/Prince Prosperous Breaker transformation into immovable onject with nervous control over animals, people and some electronics in the area
Kid Win Tinker specializing in alternate settings or uses. Struggles to build more focused devices.
Krieg Wide range kinetic manipulation, more powerful closer to him, resulting in brute classification.
Kudzu Self-replication cape, clones could self-replicate. Reined in by psychological drawback.
Lab Rat Specializes in tinker drugs that turn subjects into monsters while storing their original state for when the transformation ends.
Labyrinth Can massively manipulate surroundings by tapping into alternate universes, selectively phasing whole sections or items into her environment.
Leet Tinker with no limits, except that creations have chance to misfire respective to how much he's worked on the idea/in the field.
Legend A flying laser-blaster with a toolbox of possible types of laser and laser effects.
Leister Spear wielder with ability to convey self to target point.
Leonid Capable of hearing everything nearby, as well as teleporting himself to areas within earshot of a given utterance.
Licit Creates solid shape forcefields (prisms, cyinders, cubes) within a short range, clairvoyance around fields, can allow/disallow access through on case-by-case basis.
Ligeia Creates portals to otherworldly ocean depths, resulting in massive geysers, can withdraw to suck in waterborne items/enemies, close portal to leave in other reality.
Lightstar Has the ability to create slow-moving projectiles (around half the speed of a thrown basketball) that he could detonate concussively at will
Lizardtail Aura regenerates those in the area.
Lung Gains increased strength, durability, armor, pyrokinesis, so long as he keeps fighting.
Lustrum Massive breaker form fueled by draining from the physical and mental facultires of those nearby
Mannequin Tinker specializing in closed systems, typically augmentations for a multi-piece suit containing his own body.
Manpower Electromagnetic forcefield augmented own strength.
Mantellum Case 53. Blocks out sensory aspects of powers progressively more with proximity.
Marquis Skiled osteokinetic, produced and re-shaped a variety of bone constructions, could affect enemy's exposed bones.
Matryoshka Absorbs others, gaining memories/traits at the cost of her own. Could layer, diluting her form with multiple consumed. Slowly digested eaten. Case 53
Menja Grows in size, with space-warping effect granting increased durability at the same time.
Miss Militia Can call forth conventional weaponry, or modify the summoned weaponry at will.
Moord Nag Master pet 'scavenger' gains permanent increase in size and power by consuming the dead
Mouse Protector Could teleport to tagged people or objects. Had lesser powers including increased coordination and agility
Mr. Keene Hyper-skilled, emphasizing teamwork and cooperation, secondary power enabled emotion reading.
Murder Rat Hybrid of Mouse Protector & Ravager. Agile, flexible, knife-fingers, wounds inflicted scar badly, smoke. Can teleport to side of any wounded.
Mush Formed hulking body of detritus, moisture and particulate matter, with human form at center.
Myrddin Carried several pocket dimensions, flinging them out and activating them for a selection of dimension-specific effects.
Nilbog Created custom minions after recycling existing living matter.
Nix Produced gas that could be shaped into controlled but fragile silent images.
One Brainwashing-capable thinker
Prolapse Biokinetic durability, size, touch turned individuals inside out.
Psychosoma Turned bystanders into controlled, wall-crawling beasts. Effect was fragile, with victim returning to normal if beast form was harmed.
Ravager Enhanced physique, all wounds inflicted would fester and scar horrifically if not tended to, scratches becoming eviscerations; maintained clairvoyant awareness of wounded.
Rime Created compressed ice fractals that could curve in air. Fractals exploded into glaciers on impact.
Romp Alternate name for Mockshow, above
Saint Tinker 0, maintained understanding of Dragon's tech via. Teacher
Saltykov Could compel others to reverse allegiances, acting out with extreme prejudice against things they valued most, to the best of their abilities.
Shén Yù Thinker, maintained expert tactical abilities and understanding of movements and maneuvers, giving a pseudo-clairvoyance regarding battlefields
Sleeper Fx nk N\’i wjfqqd uzy xtrjymnsl mjwj. Ktw wjfq.
Stinger Tinker specializing in propulsion, mainly jetpacks and missiles.
String Theory Tinker favoring macro-scale doomsday devices, created objects had timers built in from start of creation process, with catastrophic misfires if interrupted.
Tōng Líng Tǎ/Ziggurat Produced shaker waves that altered terrain within their scope, raising, restructuring, or leveling buildings.
Upperhand Trump. Could copy the general nature of powers with an output, and produced his own output in form of powerful hypergravity, pulverizing targets.
Usher Provided single-target power immunity to others.
Whirlygig Telekinesis, but only in a counter-clockwise duration around herself. Effectively a point-blank telekinetic cyclone

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