Valefor is a member of the Fallen.

Personality Edit

He deliberately crafted this costume to provoke those in Brockton Bay.[3]

Accord described him as "more cunning than you'd assume.  An arrogant young man, impetuous and immature, but history suggests he's rather cunning when he puts his mind to something."[4]

It was widely believed that Valefor didn't kill, but in fact he had simply been covering his tracks using his power.[5]


Valefor has a thin build with little muscle, and speaks with a slight southern tang.[6] He has tattoos that color his thin lips black and extend from the corners, depicting fangs that nearly reach his jawline, with the points alternating up and down.[7] His hair is long, straight and blonde.[8]

On at least one occasion Valefor dressed in a teenage girl's top and skinny jeans, using makeup to hide his tattoos in order to hide among a crowd.[8]

Costume Edit

As a cape Valefor wears a delicate-looking mask with no eye-holes; a woman's upper face with closed eyes. His costume is effeminate, with white and silver feathers on flowing white clothing that clings to his body, and a corset. His tattoos were visible beneath the mask.[7]

He generally wore a sly smirk.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Valefor has a "hypnotic stare" - the ability to render anyone he looks at with his naked eyes[9][10] stunned and suggestible to his commands.[1]

He could use this ability to implant suggestions that trigger under special circumstances or through direct orders[1] He could use his power to erase memories.[5] Victims were often initially unaware they'd been affected.[9]

He could cancel the effect at will.[11]

The exact details of Valefor's powers weren't widely known. He had some kind of secondary thinker power, but it wasn't clear what.[12] The PRT weren't aware of the full extent of control he could exercise.[2]


Valefor travelled to Brockton Bay alongside Eligos before setting up residence somewhere within Imp's territory. He was invited to a meeting with the Undersiders to talk business.

Skitter greeted him after he and Eligos arrived before asking them to take a seat. Valefor, however, questioned why they should listen to her. Skitter told him that there would be violent retribution if anyone caused trouble before he said that he didn't intend to cause trouble. He told her that he was curious as to why they should follow a schoolgirl, telling her that he had seen the news, before asking Butcher if she had seen it.

Valefor then went on to say that it was embarrassing and that he didn't see why someone like Skitter was sitting at the head of the table. Skitter told him that she'd gladly deal with him if everyone agreed to suspend the usual rules before informing him that she would take him one-on-one. He considered it before Accord spoke up, telling him that he had already lost. When Accord told him that he had gained respect for Skitter after seeing what she had done, Valefor told him he was a fool before Accord told him that he wouldn't condone fighting. After Butcher said that she agreed with Accord, Valefor frowned.

When Accord asked Skitter how far she would go, Valefor asked him if he was playing some kind of head-game. Accord told him that it wasn't and said that it would shed some light on what they were to discuss before Skitter said that killing would be her last resort. When Skitter told him to take a seat or leave, he looked around before shrugging and taking a seat. He contested the Skitter's claim that the Undersiders had prior claim on the city by telling her that they had only had it for a week and a half only for her to ignore him.

After hearing Skitter's rules, Valefor told her that her demands were bordering on ridiculous before asking her if she expected the Fallen to fight Endbringers. He then said that she was picking a fight before leaving after Skitter said that the Fallen weren't long for Brockton Bay.[13]

Later, when the Undersiders came after him and Eligos, Valefor disguised himself as a teenage girl before using his power on Imp. He compelled a woman to pretend to be his mother and hid in her embrace. He then stepped out and told everyone listening to him to kill themselves or to kill Skitter and Regent if they moved. He finished by telling them to forget he had given them orders and directed Imp to go out and kill her teammates before killing herself.

Imp charged at Skitter and Regent before abruptly turning around. Valefor tried to get everyone to kill themselves, but Imp kicked him between the legs. She pinned him against the ground, knife to his throat, and demanded he cancel his orders. He tried to ask how she had managed to free herself of his influence only to be slapped across the face. After the crowd dispersed, she struck him again only to stop when Skitter told her to.

Valefor tried to struggle but stopped when Imp pressed the knife against his throat. Skitter blinded him with insects before Imp managed to get the knife in his mouth. Sometime later, he heard someone approaching him and managed to shake off enough bugs to open his eyes. He fixed his gaze on Skitter before the insects she had dropped onto him. He tried to use his power to make her stop only for Imp to move the knife and then bring her knee into his chin. Skitter then stepped on his hand and his struggles intensified until he turned his head to throw up.

Eventually, Skitter told Imp to let Valefor get up before ordering him to walk. Valefor, blinded and exhausted from the ordeal, was then marched to where Rosary was. Skitter shoved him towards Rosary and he tripped. After Rosary released what Skitter had done, Skitter told her that he would need antibiotics for his eyes and that the choice of saving his vision was up to her.[14]

Trivia Edit

  • Named for a duke of hell in classical demonology


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