Vantage is the Los Angeles Wards team captain.

Personality Edit

Vantage enjoys playing sidekick to Protectorate members. He punches Jouster in the arm for ignoring whether Foil was closeted or not, and makes a face when Clockblocker discusses Weaver's bugs.[1]


Vantage is black and wears a forest green and silver costume that Weaver describes as "a touch flamboyant, at a glance." His mask covers his mouth.[1] He carries bolas to use as weapons.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Vantage has super strength and reflexes that scale up depending on the number of opponents he faces, with diminishing returns, as well as a two-to-three-foot teleport. However, he lacks much increased durability[1].

Super strength/reflexes that scale with number of opponents. Short range teleportation[2].


He participated in the fight against the Adepts and in the fight against Bambina, Starlet, and August Prince.



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