Tanya Engalychev is a member of the Anchorage Wards.


Scared and worried because of her circumstances.


Tanya is described as a thin, attractive young woman of Russian descent with Auburn hair. The use of her power leaves her skin blended with that of her target.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tanya has the ability to flay individuals of their skin with a touch. Once skin has been absorbed, she gains a permanent increase in her own strength and durability. She can run at great speeds by virtue of this natural strength. She can also alter the pigment of her skin to create patterns.[3][1]

Her power is always active, and she instinctively reaches towards people when threatened to strengthen herself against possible attacks.

Her power didn't flay animals, or make her reflexively reach for them. [4]

Has a long term interest in fashion and could even design her own wards costume.[5]



Tanya was smuggled into Anchorage from Russia under the belief that she had qualified to be a model, and triggered shortly thereafter. She was used as an unwilling enforcer for the Bratva. She would be forced to touch people and take away their skin. This usually caused the victim to die a slow painful death.

She was eventually able to escape and was able to hide out among the homeless in Anchorage.

PRT QuestEdit

The Anchorage PRT found her using Horizon's power and skills to figure out where she was from patterns in the use of her power. Auroch managed to persuade her to come live in the PRT headquarters for a while, although she remained somewhat paranoid that they would try to kidnap her. The two became friends.

Feint used his power to make it appear that Auroch shoved him towards Tanya when he entered her quarters without permission, risking his life.

Tanya was eventually incorporated into the local Wards team and would eventually take the name Vellum.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • Is only named Vellum, a name suggested by Wedge the head of anchorage PRT Marketing[6], in PRT Quest and does not officially received this name in canon given the nature of PRT Quest.[7] With the final name voted on later. It is used here for ease of reference.


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