Venom 29.6
Date posted October 1, 2013
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Venom 29.6 is the sixth chapter of Venom. The combined group heads around, until Vegas Dark tries a betrayal. Things get tense, then Imp makes them back off. Scion arrives, and Taylor's group flees.


Covers Scion and the Irregulars' attacks on Cauldron's facilities.

Scion arrives at Cauldron and begins to kill Case 53s, while Weaver and the Vegas Capes discuss how to reach Doctor Mother.


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Major Events Edit

  • Scion kills all the Deviant capes in Cauldron's custody.
  • Satyrical manipulates the crew of the Dragonfly into attacking the Vegas capes.
  • The attacking Irregulars force a way into Cauldron's panic room, but are killed by Satyrical and Scion.

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