Venom 29.7
Date posted October 3, 2013
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Venom 29.7 is the seventh chapter of Venom. The group slides down, is met by the Doctor's group. They fight, then join up. The Doctor takes a vial, then Scion blows up the rest.


Covers Scion and the Irregulars' attacks on Cauldron's facilities.

Taylor gets answers about powers from Doctor Mother and Scion finds his partner in Cauldron's basement.

Major Events Edit

  • The crew of the Dragonfly are ambushed by Pretender, Number Man and his clones.
  • Sveta confronts Doctor Mother over the difficulties the Case 53s face.
  • Zion discovers Cauldron's stock and examines it before destroying it.
  • Doctor Mother provides some information about trigger events, powers, and the Manton effect, before being killed by Sveta, who loses control when Scion's destruction of the Cauldron vials shatters her protective shell.


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  • It is revealed that taylor essentially double triggered in the locker, what is commonly called a 1.5 trigger. Wildbow has rpeatedly stated that if she had not double triggered her power would have been closer to Aidans but with the 'bugs' that she uses in canon.[1]

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