Venom 29.8
Date posted October 5, 2013
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Venom 29.8 is the eighth chapter of the Venom Arc that covers Scion and the Irregulars' attacks on Cauldron's facilities. It is preceded by Venom 29.7 and followed by Venom 29.9.

Synopsis Edit

The crew of the Dragonfly taunt Scion with Eden's death and drop a skyscraper on him.

Major Events Edit

  • Scion discovers his partner's corpse and burns it in grief.
  • Taylor loses her right arm to Lung and Sveta.
  • Taylor learns the nature and scope of Scion's true body.
  • Number Man and Pretender bring the building that Cauldron used down onto Scion's head.

Characters Edit

Entities Edit

Dragonfly crew Edit

Cauldron Edit

The Irregulars Edit

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