Venom 29.9
Date posted 8 October 2013
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Venom 29.9 is the ninth chapter of Venom. The group returns, while Scion vents his anger. They get healing, the rest head out, then Panacea knocks down the wall in Taylor's brain.


Covers Scion and the Irregulars' attacks on Cauldron's facilities.

The group escapes from the Base and heads to healers to recuperate.

Taylor trys to get door maker taken care of first but her friends shout her down. As Riley repairs Doormaker Taylor speaks to Riley and Panacea about modifying her brain. Riley demures citing her previous experience,[1] but taylor is able to convince Amy to jailbreak her passenger.

And everything goes wrong.

Major EventsEdit

  • The crew of the Dragonfly and a few remaining members of Cauldron leave the remains of Cauldron's facility behind.
  • Scion fights Khonsu, Leviathan, several Dragon's Teeth, and an army of capes that Cauldron took from India during the attack on New Delhi. Weaver notices that Scion's expression has changed to anger.
  • Bonesaw and Panacea heal the people Weaver brings back from Cauldron, including Doormaker.
  • Taylor asks Bonesaw to remove restrictions on her passenger. Bonesaw warns her that she will lose her mind, but Taylor insists. Panacea offers to do it instead.


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