Victor is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Victor wears a breastplate, painted black, coming down to a v-neck, over a blood red shirt with black pants. While he previously wore a mask while operating as "Victor", after the E88's identities became public knowledge he divested of it.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Victor is an ability thief, able to gain the skills of anyone he spends time in the presence of. He has used his power to become a veteran martial artist, a computer hacker, board game player, expert in various forms of gunplay, and various other things.[3] Similerly he gained resistance to many thinker abilities thanks to the absorbtion of standard PRT psychological counseling,[4] similarly many master abilities negligibly affect him.[5] These may be a function of his psychology and not solely his power.

This mechanism can act through several paths with each connection made intensifying the breadth and depth of what he is able to steal, whether a specific skill or a impairing a targets general skill set.[6][7] Barring a complete "robbery" of the skill in question, the victim will experience a complete regeneration of the skill given time.[8]



Before his trigger, Victor may have attended a meeting of the extended Herren family when they were attacked. When the resident parahumans were incapacitated following Othala's trigger event, Victor disabled the person attacking the newly activated parahuman.[9]

Eventually triggering and working his way up through the ranks, he would marry Othala after her cousin - his original fiancee - died.[4]

Story StartEdit

Engaged with New Wave alongside Krieg, Alabaster and Othala during the Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight.[10]

He participated in the fight against Leviathan and was knocked out in the later stages of the fight. He survived where many others did not.[11]


With the death of Kaiser at the hands of Leviathan, Victor and Othala fell in with Fenrir's Chosen.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Had a disagreement with the Undersiders that led to his capture.[12][13] Coil persuaded Victor to use his hacking abilities in the service of his organization when Dragon began focusing her efforts to combat them.[14] His fate after the death of Coil and the escape of Echidna is unknown.

The Chosen that operated at Boston did not include Victor.[15]

Gold MorningEdit

His wife was killed by Scion while controlled by Khepri, erased alongside a number of capes including Trickster and Ash Beast.[16]

It is unknown how he handled this or if he was even survived the event. But there is the possibility.[17]


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