Vikare was among the first heroes during the Golden Age of Parahumans.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Vikare's powers are unknown. He may not have been a Brute, given the manner of his death.


Andrew and his sister, Grace, were on board the cruise ship that first discovered Scion. Grace had cancer, and was planning to commit suicide when the trip was over;[1] Andrew also had cancer, although it was unclear if anyone knew.[2] Scion reached out, and Andrew was among the passengers who reached out to touch his hand,[2] restrained from falling by his sister.[1] Scion, who had noticed that he bore an Eden shard, subtly cured his cancer and then flew away.[2] Afterward, Grace visited a doctor and discovered that she had been cured as well.[1]

In 1989, attempting to quell a riot over a basketball game in Michigan, Vikare stepped in, only to be clubbed over the head. He died not long after of a brain embolism. Later, he would be revealed to be Andrew Hawke. It was widely considered the end of the Golden Age of Parahumans.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Vikare was named after the Etruscan translation for 'Icarus'.[3]


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