Watchdog, sometimes called WEDGDG, is a PRT sub-group focused primarily on preventing economic and political disruption by parahumans.[1]

Organization and MethodsEdit

Watchdog is based primarily in San Francisco (with offices elsewhere) and employs groups of Thinkers to sift through large quantities of data using their individual talents,[1] covering one another's weaknesses and expanding on their leads.[2] They essentially work a simple nine-to-five job (depending on their needs and power), either performing detective work with a focus on financial, political, legal, international, and big-picture shenanigans, or work to back up the PRT and general law enforcement by resolving tickets by priority.[3] It has been around for over two decades,[4] possibly under a different name.[3]

Watchdog also employs non-parahuman staff, who are tasked with gathering information for the Thinkers to analyze.[1]

That said, Watchdog apparently does not function optimally: In 2011 Watchdog was the subject of internal testing and investigation and the results suggested embezzlement, international spying and insider trading on the part of PRT employees. Many precognitives, clairvoyants and empaths fled the group or the country around the time there were any hints of an investigation.[5] Nevertheless they were seen as effective by the general populace.[6]

Other tasksEdit

While Watchdog's primary goal is preventing economic or political disruption,[1] it also performs other tasks:

  • Functions as a sort of internal affairs within the PRT, regularly launching investigations or sending out individuals, either covert or overt.[1]
  • Provides Thinkers for the outtake process of the Madison quarantine zone, following from the D.D.I.D. law.[7]
  • Monitors major problem sites, such as the Ellisburg quarantine zone.[8]


Name Description
Accord Gets naturally smarter as the problems he is addressing get more complex. Gives him an intuitive understanding of groupthink, politics, and convoluted designs.[9] Worked for Watchdog[3] before being caught and jailed for embezzling money.[10]
Appraiser Rates situations for the PRT[3] using colors.[11] Purple and black seem to be negative, with yellow being less severe.[8]
Eleventh Hour Provides numerical threat ratings,[11] with higher numbers being worse.[8]
Hunch A humpbacked member of Boston's Wards and precognitive with somewhat iffy accuracy, although he possesses other powers.[12] Stayed with PRT after the Echidna incident, despite being a Case 53.[13][3] Friend of Weld.[12]
Nutcracker Husband to Snubnose. Left the group after the Echidna incident, while Snubnose stayed with the Protectorate. Remains active in Seattle.[14]

References Edit

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