Weaverdice, sometimes spelled Weaver Dice, is a role-playing game based on the setting of Worm. The game was created by Wildbow, with help from fans and playtesters. It's currently a work in progress, with regular revisions.[1]


Weaverdice is akin to Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games: A game master (GM) handles setting, story and non-player characters, while a single player or group of players navigate the roles of heroes or villains, all taking place in the setting of Worm.[2]

Weaverdice is distinctive in how player characters are created. Players do not control the process in full, but the player group collaborates and works within the setting's logic to devise a superpower or set of superpowers for the character.[3]

An IRC channel to find games is located here,[4] while rules for character creation and gameplay can be found here and here.

Campaigns by WildbowEdit

Wildbow has hosted three different Weaverdice campaigns, with one currently active.[5]

WD OaklandEdit

Takes places in the city of Oakland, where the powerful Guild member Poe is absent, and assumed to be close to dying as the result of illness. Different groups assume now is the proper time to move into the city.[6] Currently inactive.[5]

WD HelenaEdit

Takes place in the town of Helena, located in Minnesota. Nearby a convoy of PRT containment vans on the way to the Birdcage was destroyed, with the prisoners freed and traveling into Helena.[7] Vigilantes and villains are hunting the escapees to receive the bounty of a kill order, with the PRT running damage control.[8] Currently inactive.[5]

WD LausanneEdit

Takes place during the first appearance of the Simurgh, in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.[9][10] The campaign starts a bit earlier, where the Suits are branching out into city, answering a growing crisis, with minor villains flocking into the city, drawn by a group of Tinkers who are offering powersuits that also boost powers.[11] Currently active.[5]


  • Weaverdice is based on the system created by Taylor Hebert to illustrate the virtues of being a hero as opposed to a villain.[12]
  • Weaverdice was mentioned as a game in Pact by Blake Thorborn when he was being interrogated by the police about the murder of a boy whose Ghost he helped.[13]

References Edit

  1. Both game and story were created by Wildbow, the former created with some help from fans and playtesters. It is very much a fluid work in progress (WIP), with revisions being made on the regular. - reddit thread by Wildbow.
  2. Akin to D&D or other pen and paper roleplaying games, Weaverdice has a game master ('GM') handle setting, story, and non-player characters while a solo player or group of players navigate the role of a hero or villain. All of this takes place in what is commonly known as the Wormverse, known to inhabitants of that 'verse as 'Earth Bet'. Starting in 1982, when a golden man was found floating over a spot on the ocean, superheroes started appearing with increasing frequency, and society changed to adapt to them. - reddit thread by Wildbow.
  3. Unlike D&D and many other roleplaying games, Weaverdice doesn't have players decide their character. Where a player of D&D might decide to play an elf pyromancer and write up their sheet before presenting it to the person running the game and to the other players, Weaverdice is a system where the player does not have control over the powers they get nor the circumstances in which they get them. The group collaborates and works with the setting's logic to devise a superpower or set of superpowers for the character, and the player of that character then works with what they have. This is not a fair setting, and the system of perks and flaws can be similarly unfair. Once they roll a trigger, the group decides on a power, and they've rolled their perks and flaws, the player can fill in the remainder of the blanks and decide the particulars of the character. Players are thus challenged to make the best of what they're given. - reddit thread by Wildbow.
  4. The easiest and most common place to find an opportunity to play Weaverdice is in the Weaverdice chatroom. A proper link will find its way to the sidebar at some point, but for now, the astute can find it via. IRC:
    • Server:
    • Channel: #Weaverdice - reddit thread by Wildbow.
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    There’s big money to be had for anyone willing and able to take a portion of the city for themselves. Unspoken agreements that defeated or lesser groups might be willing to fold into the bigger and more successful ones. - WD Oakland, document by Wildbow.
  7. It was the word on the street before it even hit the news. PRT containment vans traveling down back roads to the Birdcage were interrupted before they could reach their destination. Not the most unusual thing in the world on its own, but this was something special. Four containment vans, eight capes, and four additional vans with foam sprayers were assaulted. This was a convoy of a sort that happen once every one or two years, bringing in the really dangerous birdcage-bound, where extra security is mandated.

    The convoy and guards were disabled, the occupants of the vans freed. The rescuers, breakout specialists, were summarily killed or taken hostage, and the four occupants of the vans have apparently banded together. They’ve headed into a town of about thirty thousand people: Helena, MN.

    The Kill Order was signed in record time. - WD Helena, document by Wildbow.
  8. Some of the people taking on the kill order are vigilantes, some are villains relishing the chance to hurt people and get paid for it, and some fit into other categories. The PRT is also in town, more to run damage control than anything else. There are little to no rules, and nothing that the hunters do here will get them prosecuted. It’s a situation that screams ‘opportunity’. - WD Helena, document by Wildbow.
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  11. The clock is ticking down. The newly christened ‘Suits’ are branching out to the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, answering a growing crisis. Minor villains are flocking to the city by the score, dectupling the prior cape population, with more arriving daily. The draw, apparently, is a group of tinkers who are offering twenty-four individual power-boosting suits of power-armor, with relatively few strings attached. - WD Lausanne, document by Wildbow.
  12. “Each of you write down the most horrible thing you can think of, that you can reasonably expect to happen to you in the next few years. No need to get too complicated. Think of something horrible that would give you a trigger event. Write it down.”

    I waited while each of the kids wrote something down. Other kids were gathering now, but they’d be bystanders. It was the stragglers who were the focus now.

    “Hand your sheet to the person to your left. Boston Wards, help me on this score. We’re going to make up powers that sort of fit the trigger events, in a vague way. No need to be specific.”


    The kids rolled, one by one.

    Three dead.

    “You rigged the system,” Ned said, a little petulant.

    “I’m being a little harsh,” I said, “But this is it. It sounds dumb, but being a cape means beating the odds, again and again. If you’re a villain? The reward is pretty damn good, but the risk is bigger. You saw how few villains actually survived intact. Even then, a lot of them lost their money, or got hurt.” - Excerpt from Drone 23.4
  13. Fuck you, I thought. I couldn’t let him control the flow of this discussion. I continued, heated, “The family said something about being involved in board games or something like that. Maybe it was a Dungeons and Dragons or Weaver Dice thing, maybe it was an Ouija Board thing. I don’t really know. But you could probably stretch the definition. Yes, if you have to ask.” - Excerpt from Pact, Conviction 5.2

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