Winter is a supervillian.


Winter is described as a white-haired woman with white irises edged in black.[1]


Bonesaw described her as "sadistic, ruthless, cold." She was driven, rising above her roots, but "stagnated" once she reached the top.[1] She would torture people she caught in her power.[2]

Crimson was her lover before his death.[1] The two usually operated as a team. They had synergy, with him operating as a front-line fighter so she could attack at range, while her power slowed people down so he could feed on them.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Winter's power involved a dampening effect that caused locations to lose heat, moving objects to lose inertia, and humans to lose will.[1]

It caused bullets to fall short or lose momentum. She could concentrate her power in a smaller area, halting all motion.[3] Even at it's widest, it reduced ambient temperatures to the point that moisure froze in the air. When it was somewhat concentrated, the effect was strong enough to kill Taylor's bugs in seconds.[2]

People under its effect experienced a mental torpor, feeling their thoughts slow to a crawl. They would stand still as they died from cold.[2]

She was known for carrying firearms,[1] including grenade launchers.[2]



Winter had a gun in her hand "before she could read". Her name was Madeline.[1]

Winter was an arms dealer before joining the Nine; she taught herself numbers and business, gained power and money, then stagnated. She found she liked tormenting people and turned to the slave trade, then crossed paths with the Slaughterhouse Nine.[1]

She was one of the more recent members of the Nine to die. She was replaced by Hatchet Face.[1]


Bonesaw cloned her as part of the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[1] Her power was also used as material for Snowmann.[3]

Winter participated in the Battle at Schenectady.



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