Ziggurat is an early draft of Worm, predating the creation of the Undersiders.[1]


During an Endbringer attack, a group of junior villains take over a city, trapping the residents in a ring of stone walls. It switched perspectives between the villains and the heroes fighting Hadhayosh. It would eventually merge into a singular story-line where Narwhal tries to deal with the captured city.[2]

Characters Edit


  • Ziggurat is one of the first drafts to show a hostile takeover by villains and their attempts to manage a city once they'd seized it. [2]
  • It lost steam after J. C. McCraw realized that Narwhal was too powerful for a protagonist and that the length would have put it in an awkward place-too long for a short story and too short for a novel or a novella.[2]

References Edit

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